Bailey Heath

Mathematics PhD Candidate, University of South Carolina

 My wife, Meagan, and me on our honeymoon in Rocky Mountain National Park, August 2022.

Graduation from Gettysburg College in May 2019.

Hello!  I am a PhD candidate in mathematics at the University of South Carolina (USC) in Columbia, SC.  I am studying algebraic geometry and my adviser is Dr. Alexander Duncan.   I have completed my comprehensive exams and expect to finish my PhD in Spring 2024.  I am currently on the job market for the 2024-25 academic year. 

In May 2019, I graduated with a B.A. from Gettysburg College with a double major in mathematics and psychology.  This newsletter from the Gettysburg College psychology department in 2019 shares some information about me and my undergraduate career.


I am passionate about teaching because I feel that it is an excellent way for me to use my excitement about mathematics to leave a positive impact on people and the world.  My favorite quote about teaching, and one of my favorites about mathematics in general, is Paul Halmos's, "The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics."  For more information about my teaching, please see my "Teaching" tab above.


Broadly, my interests are in algebraic geometry, algebra, and number theory.  Currently, I am studying the representation dimensions of algebraic tori.  My written comprehensive exam, which largely follows the first six and a half chapters of William Waterhouse's Introduction to Affine Group Schemes, provides some background about what this means.  

I was awarded a Support to Promote Advancement of Research and Creativity (SPARC) research grant through the University of South Carolina for May 2023 - July 2024.  You can find part of my proposal, along with other materials I've produced (such as slides from presentations), under the "Research" tab above.


Here is a little bit about me outside of academics; click on the "Personal" tab for more!