Broadly speaking, I am interested in algebraic geometry and number theory.  More specifically, I am currently studying the representation dimensions of algebraic tori. 

SPARC Grant 

I was awarded a Support to Promote Advancement of Research and Creativity (SPARC) research grant through the University of South Carolina for May 2023 - July 2024.  Here is the narrative proposal portion of my application, which summarizes my project, including its significance and some partial results, for the non-mathematician.

Prepared Materials

Below are some materials I've produced for presentations and for other purposes, listed in reverse chronological order.

Psychology Research

As an undergraduate at Gettysburg College, I did social psychological research under Dr. Chris Barlett (now at Kansas State University).  Below are publications and posters which resulted from that work.

As an undergraduate, I conducted a study with Celeste Campbell and Ellie DeWitt on embodied cognition as part of a cognition course taught by Dr. Becca Fincher-Kiefer.  Below are a resulting poster and paper.